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7x 5in regular bagasse clamshell

Product Code: B001

Our clamshell box is made from bagasse - an eco-friendly sugarcane based alternative to Styrofoam. This natural material has great thermal properties and doesn't trap condensation like plastic, so food stays warm and crispy. Perfect for hot or cold food to go.

7x 5in regular bagasse clamshell

Product Specifications

Case count: 500
Items per pack: 50
Packs per case: 10
Product dimensions:
Length: 10.28"
Width: 7.28"
Height: 0.79"
Weight: 0.02oz;

Case length (inch) : 18.500
Case width (inch): 11.220
Case depth (inch): 14.760
Case volume (ft3): 1.774
1.7m pallet count: 24 cases
2.1m pallet count: 24 cases
EAN number: 5060271920013

NW (lbs) 24.433
GW (lbs) 25.353
Outer packing weight (lbs): 1.543
Inner packing weight (lbs): 0.220
Packs weight (lbs): 2.359
Certified compostableWidely accepted for food waste recyclingHigh recycled contentLow carbonRenewable resources
Packs ($13.97 per pack)  
Cases ($80.10 per case)  
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