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18oz gourmet dipping base (fits lid 4)

Product Code: V4-GBCC

Versatile tray base for food to go, with corner dip compartment. Part of Vegware's Gourmet range, size 4. Space efficient stacking. Great for hot and cold food combinations like nacho chips with melted cheese with salsa or guac on the side, or for fruit platters with warmed sweet dips. Bagasse is reclaimed sugarcane fiber. Tree-free! Stylish white. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.

18oz gourmet dipping base (fits lid 4)

Product Specifications

Case count: 600
Items per pack: 50
Packs per case: 12
Product dimensions:
Length: 7.68"
Width: 7.09"
Height: 1.57"
Weight: 0.015oz

Case length (inch) : 15.748
Case width (inch): 14.173
Case depth (inch): 16.142
Case volume (ft3): 2.085
1.7m pallet count: 30 cases
2.1m pallet count: 30 cases
EAN number: 5060271928453

NW (lbs) 26.938
GW (lbs) 27.558
Outer packing weight (lbs): 0.882
Inner packing weight (lbs): 0.220
Packs weight (lbs): 2.205
Widely accepted for food waste recyclingHigh recycled contentLow carbonRenewable resources
Packs ($14.88 per pack)  
Cases ($102.99 per case)  
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