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Community Fund

In 2009 we launched the Vegware Community Fund to support sustainability in its broadest sense. Offering regular funding and one-off product donations, the fund has supported hundreds of worthy causes from America to Yorkshire.


Regular funding

We provide crucial core funding for the day-to-day running of not-for-profit organizations. The projects vary hugely, but all have their roots in sustainability and community work.


We have supported charity cycle races, expansion of public gardens, and even the launch of a solar-powered horse-drawn community circus!


One-off product donations

In addition, every month we give away one-off product donations as Random Acts of Kindness to a variety of different fundraisers, charity events, and community festivals. It’s always a pleasure to contribute to the sustainability of the events with our eco-friendly packaging.


See the latest news on our blog including information on how you can apply: vegwarecommunityfund.org.