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Beyond packaging

We do much more than just sell packaging

We offer a range of services to help our customers raise their profile, understand their environmental impact and divert waste from expensive landfill.





Environmental consultancy


You can’t recycle food with plastic in it, and you can’t recycle plastic with food on it. Moving to compostable catering disposables means that food and packaging waste can be recycled together and provides the only true recycling solution for zero waste in food service. 


Vegware has over a decade of experience in delivering food and packaging waste recycling solutions. Our Environmental team helps foodservice providers close the loop and join the circular economy, providing support every step of the way.


Our unprecedented engagement with the waste industry allows us to work with waste hauliers to ensure compostable packaging and food waste is collected for composting.


Vegware life cycle

Measure and communicate success


Share your green credentials with your customers! Vegware Eco Audits measure the environmental benefits of our products in terms of carbon and virgin material saved along with potential landfill diversion. We provide this information with every order. 



Eco Audits






Creative consultancy


Bring your brand to life! Our Creative teams deliver smart, innovative products that engage consumers and delight brand-owners. From custom print and bespoke packaging, through product photography, film and social media campaigns, talk to us about how we can deliver your passion for foodservice.


Custom Printing