Vegware U.S. Is Hiring!

Our California-based team requires a results-oriented individual to help drive sales sustainability, solutions, and success across the U.S. market for our eco packaging. See the job description below:

Main Purpose and Scope of the Job

Drive extensive, sustainable and profitable sales for a fast-growing company. Be part of developing the sales strategy for North America building on the market knowledge and experience of the wider Vegware teams. Manage and mentor US-based employees to ensure everyone is aligned on delivering a wider sales strategy. Work with a growing team to deliver revenue and profitability aspirations, ensuring that Vegware’s open consultative culture and team-based approach is translated to suit a US business environment.

Identify new and develop existing distribution partners along with creating demand at the end-user level to leverage and open opportunities with a wide range of sectors including contract caterers, education sector, healthcare, and retail food chains.

Work closely with the Zero Waste Director and established partners to target customers for whom our food and packaging waste recycling solution opens supply opportunities.

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Belgium’s Demo Forest delivers sustainable success

Unbe-leaf-able news! We’re excited to share Vegware’s first Belgium case study!

Demo Forest is the leading eco forestry event in Europe. It has 50,000 attendees over two days. To reduce their environmental impact the event organisers chose Vegware compostable foodservice packaging across the site, which was turned into quality compost after use. 

This was a first for an event of this magnitude in Belgium and required cooperation from all key teams involved. Demo Forest replaced conventional packaging with Vegware to reduce general waste and join their local circular economy. 

The used Vegware was sorted manually on-site, to ensure only good quality organic matter was sent to the waste facility. They composted 420kg of used Vegware and food waste, which was transformed into green energy and quality compost, for local use. This is just the first sustainable step, and the team are determined to build on these results in 2021.  

Ringing in the new year – with our Bella pots!

We’re excited to introduce our new Bella pots. Our sturdy pots are available in a range of sizes: 8, 10, 12 & 16oz. Stylish and versatile, they are ideal for granola and yogurt, mixed salads or cold desserts. 

These eco pots are made from clear PLA, a renewable material made from plants, that offers perfect visibility. Clear on-product messaging in green and Vegware’s Green Leaf tab make them easily identifiable as ‘compostable’ to consumers and the waste sector, helping simplify recycling and reduce contamination. 

Space-saving – they fit our clear 3oz PLA insert for a compostable food combo. Or pair with our 96-Series lids for food on the go. 

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable with food waste where accepted. 

Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, members of the Vegware team helped the community by volunteering at a local soup kitchen as part of the Community Fund program. We were delighted to work alongside other volunteers as well as the hardworking team at Someone Cares. 

A Caring Kitchen

Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, located in Costa Mesa, CA, was established in 1997 by Merle Hatleberg, grandmother of the current Director. Hatleberg believed in treating everyone with kindness and respect, and in giving back to others whenever possible. The kitchen has served more than 300 meals per day for over 20 years to those who are in need. 

The kitchen’s mission is to serve good meals seven days a week to make sure no one goes to bed hungry. They also offer an after-school tutoring program for students within the area.

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Airports Going Green Conference 2019

The annual Airports Going Green Conference, November 3-6, demonstrates methods for integrating sustainable systems across airports. The conference, held at the Westin River North Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, centered around all aspects of sustainable airport terminals, with workshops, panels, and networking sessions from global industry experts.

Compostable Vegware On-The-Go

Conference attendees were constantly on the move, taking in the various events and networking. Vegware catering disposables were used alongside reusables, to allow conference-goers to enjoy the hotel’s catering on the go. A conference this large can generate over 60 lbs of waste daily, but by using plant-based Vegware this can be composted locally after use.  In 2018, we helped them create 159lbs of compost for farmers’ fields. To read more about last year’s results, click here. This year, the AGG waste team hoped to capture even more post-consumer food waste.

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Mix & Match with Bon Appetit

New Bon Appetit bowls for ultimate style and versatility. Now, our Bon Appetit bowls offer a unique mix and match, paper and clear PLA, range.

Our new PLA salad bowls are ideal for presenting vibrant cold salads and leafy greens in sustainable style. Made from clear plant-based PLA for perfect visibility. Available in two sizes – 24 and 32oz – the ribbed design makes it easy to grip for serving and carrying. 

The paper bowls and lids are perfect for serving warm curries or colourful burrito bowls. They are made from sustainable board with a plant-based PLA lining. They feature Vegware’s award-winning Green Leaf band design, a visual cue so customers, staff, and waste collectors and processors know this is a compostable product.  

The bowls and lids are part of our 185-Series, where each bowl has a top diameter of 185mm (7.3in), so you can mix and match the lids to suit.

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Thanksgiving – Free Shipping

We’re running free shipping until November 30th for our US customers and non-distributors only. From our plant-based bagasse square and round plates and renewable wooden cutlery, to our compostable hot cups and sustainably-sourced paper straws. Order everything you need for an eco Thanksgiving!

For a full list of Vegware’s plant-based catering disposables see here. All our products are commercially compostable with food waste, where accepted.

Vegware’s European Warehouse – successful first 6 months

Our new European warehouse celebrates a successful first six months in operation. A partnership with the Raben Group, our Dutch warehouse is a central hub to better service mainland and Northern European clients. Our HQ is in Edinburgh; this new Eurozone logistics center is part of the company’s Brexit-readiness.

Located in Brabant, near the Dutch border with Germany and Belgium, the Raben location offers strong transport links throughout mainland Europe. This new warehouse joins  Vegware’s UK and US hubs already servicing Vegware clients in 70 countries worldwide.  

A third of Vegware’s sales are to outside the UK, with other European countries accounting for 87% of exports.  We had a 25% growth in European sales in 2018-2019. “We’re delighted to be able to better support our clients with quick service, with many European customers getting orders straight from our Dutch hub,” says Mark Badzmirowski, Vegware’s Sales Manager Europe. “It’s given us the opportunity to grow sales and allay our clients’ Brexit concerns. We’ve seen an increase in opportunities and sales, with new customers pleased we have a warehouse in mainland Europe.” 

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New Kraft Food Trays

Serve street food in sustainable style with our new food trays!

Perfect for serving warm savory macaroni & cheese, loaded fries and nachos, chicken wings and corn dogs, or sweet treats like doughnuts, churros, and cookies.

Available in a variety of three sizes: Size 100 / 1lb, size 300 / 3lb, and size 500 / 5lb. Made from clay-coated paperboard – they are food safe and grease resistant.

A kraft board with Vegware’s striking Green Leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. Clear on-product messaging and visual cue for ‘compostable’. For clients who compost, it can be used on matching posters and bin signage to simplify recycling and reduce contamination.

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable with food waste where accepted.

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Recycle Week

It’s Recycle Week! Vegware’s activity sheets help children recycle at home, school and on the go. Our Bin Detective sheets help young recyclers ‘Use it! Check it! Toss it!’ by highlighting the differences in packaging and which bin to put it in.  

Conventional foodservice packaging is a mix of materials, which is can be a challenge to recycle, meaning it often ends up in landfill. Compostables are designed to be recycled with food scraps where accepted, turning into nutrient-rich compost for local farmers’ fields. Composting is a form of recycling that keeps resources local. 

With coloring and sorting sheets, crosswords and word searches, Vegware’s activity sheets answer a wide range of questions about compost, compostables, material segregation and the importance of recycling. Helping recyclers use it, check it, bin it this recycling week and forever. 

Download Vegware’s Bin Detective sheet here