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Happy Thanksgiving from Vegware

Thanksgiving is a time of year where families and friends come together to share food and drink and reflect on all the things they’ve been thankful for that year. One thing we’re especially thankful for this year is for the warm welcome we’ve received from local businesses and people since opening in Huntington Beach. As a British company, we’ve been incredibly humbled by all the positive messages and feedback we’ve had from HB and beyond.

At Thanksgiving, food is shared and consumed in high abundance and quantities so there’s always likely to be leftovers after dinner. What easier way to share your hard day’s cooking with your family and friends than to send them home with a full stomach and a package of treats to enjoy later.


Our salad boxes are the ideal size for taking home an array of delicious treats from the day. In this case (see above) we’ve ensured our guests are being sent home with not only extras from dinner but dessert also. With juicy turkey, stuffing, a portion of cranberry sauce and a sweet slice of pumpkin pie. Our smaller boxes also allow you to take home bigger slices of pie as pictured with apple above.

Not only do our boxes offer a great takeout option they also do their part for the planet. Our clear window is made from plant-based PLA which produces 72% less carbon than plastic does. As well as this we use sustainably sourced kraft board with a greaseproof lining. To ensure lids are shut nice and tight there are three handy tabs.

Another great option for packing in extras is our three compartment clamshell box. Made from sugarcane-based material, bagasse. This natural material has great thermal properties and doesn’t trap condensation like plastic which ensures food stays warm and crisp. As well as being microwave and freezer safe, bagasse presents a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam. Food can be re-heated or frozen within the container, meaning it can be enjoyed warm or on a later date.

Our products aren’t only ideal for taking away food they’re also great for plating up. Our bagasse tableware range contains a wide range of bowls and plates ready for dishing up food for larger gatherings and parties. Who wants to spend time cleaning up after dinner or a party? With Vegware you won’t have to. Our cold cup range is perfect for having beer, soft drinks or smoothies and for hot drinks our hot cups present a stylish, sustainable solution. Both feature Vegware’s leaf stripe for easy identification of compostable products.

However you enjoy your Thanksgiving or whatever you eat, everyone at Vegware wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Gourmet Range by Vegware

Introducing our range of plastic-free lids and bases made from renewable, low carbon materials. Suitable for a variety of hot and cold food, our Gourmet Range is designed to serve up a wide range of delicious sides, dips and dishes. Here are some of the most innovative ways we’ve seen our range used.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

This hearty dish includes all the necessities needed to create a healthy vegan burrito. With space for guacamole, tomato salsa, black beans, wholegrain rice, peppers and salad, the 22oz Gourmet base allows you to stack up on a range of fillings without having to separate them. Providing the perfect basis for any wrap or Mexican themed meal.



Our 18oz/550ml Gourmet dipping base delivers the perfect shape for dipping chips and veg. The base provides all the necessities needed for a portion of nachos. With a handy compartment designed for sweet or savoury dips, our dipping base delivers the ideal guacamole or salsa accompaniment every nacho lover needs.


Our Gourmet base and clear PLA lid combo presents a great takeout option for a range of different salads. As pictured above, our bases and lids offer a sturdy, stylish and sustainable alternative to the on-the-go salad. Our clear PLA lids create clear visibility for any delicious sides or salads.

Cakes and sandwiches


The versatile 18oz/550ml Gourmet dipping base, seen earlier showcasing nachos, can also be used for a variety of Danish pastries and cakes. Pictured here we have some fluffy British scones with tasty cream and jam for spreading taken from a traditional afternoon tea. To add that extra bit of sophistication see (below) how our 22oz Gourmet base can be used for displaying sandwiches.

Vegware at Airports Going Green

This year’s Airports Going Green conference is being held November 12-15 in Dallas Texas at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. We’re pleased to say we’ll be exhibiting throughout at the conference offering Vegware as a sustainable packaging solution.

A range of social, environmental and economic topics will be discussed at the conference and we’re excited to be part of it.

Our plant-based packaging is an ideal food packaging solution for closed systems like airports. Vegware catering disposables are compostable and designed to be recycled with food waste which means there’s no need to clean, sort or separate any of it prior to recycling.

Our unprecedented engagement with the waste industry allows us to work with waste haulers to ensure compostable packaging and food waste is collected for composting. We’re also the experts at providing on-site composting solutions.

If you’re attending the conference make sure to come by our stand and say hello!

biodegradable compostable zero waste california berkeley recycling cal athletics

Go Bears! Vegware supports Cal’s Pac–12 Zero Waste Bowl

California Memorial Stadium hosts the Pac-12 Zero Waste Bowl this Saturday October 21st. And Vegware is proud to support with our eco disposables.

Vegware’s compostable serviceware will be used throughout the luxury suites this Saturday. All our foodservice cups, cutlery, plates, bowls and containers are made from plants, not plastic. After the game, off it goes for composting together with food scraps, to help feed American soil and nurture future generations of plants.

The California Golden Bears host the Arizona Wildcats. And here’s the film that fans will see on the stadium video board!

Let’s Protect Bear Territory! Cal Zero Waste is leading great green partnerships to protect the planet too. UC Berkeley is all about sustainability, and Vegware is so proud to be supporting this fantastic initiative.

What’s the Pac-12 Zero Waste Bowl?

It’s a fun challenge where Pac-12 universities compete to divert the most waste from landfill at a selected home game.

In addition to overall waste diversion rate, the universities are scored on innovation, partnership and participation, and fan engagement. We love what UC Berkeley is doing!

If you’re on twitter, follow @CalAthletics #AZvsCAL and of course @CalZeroWaste! Follow the game live on Pac-12 Networks and KGO 810 AM.

Cal 💚 Zero Waste

Want to know how crazy UC Berkeley is about zero waste? Here’s a film about the Recyclemania Game Day Recycling Challenge 2015 – what amazing engagement throughout the Cal community!

Vegware is also delighted to support the UC Berkeley’s Chou Hall Zero Waste Project. We’ll write more about that soon!

International Coffee Day

International coffee day

International Coffee Day is a day of celebration for everything coffee. With around 150 million Americans drinking 400 million cups of coffee a day, it’s fair to say the US is one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world.

A morning cup of coffee is a worldwide routine which goes back hundreds of years, whether that be through a cup of joe at home or a takeaway cup on the morning commute. The problem with the latter is the environmental impact that unsustainable cups are having on the planet.

The main issue with a lot of takeaway coffee cups is that they aren’t recyclable.

How you ask?

These coffee cups contain a plastic lining, designed to make them waterproof, which is extremely difficult to remove and prevents the cup from being recycled easily. Other cups are made from Styrofoam, a material which is not widely recycled.

So, what’s Vegware’s solution?

Our coffee cups are made from sustainably sourced board and lined with plant-based material – PLA. In production, PLA creates 72% less carbon than plastic which makes it an environmentally friendlier alternative.

Contamination is a big problem in the recycling of coffee cups. Some are made from conflicting materials which can’t be recycled together. For example, traditional plastic can’t be recycled with Styrofoam. With Vegware there’s no need to separate any conflicting materials with our coffee cups, because there are none! We present an eco-friendly circular solution to the coffee cup recycling debate. Our cups are made from materials which are designed to be recycled with food waste where facilities exist. The result of this waste is then to return nutrients to the earth through creating high grade compost.


Interested in finding out more about our cups or some samples? Speak to our Huntington Beach based team at or (844) 610 0915.

Free shipping throughout September

Free Shipping USA

To celebrate the beginning of fall we’re offering free shipping on all orders throughout the month of September. Whether you’ve ordered from us before or you’re a new customer, everyone is eligible to make the most of free shipping this month, regardless of the size of your order.

We understand how important sustainability is in today’s marketplace and that’s why our products are made plants, not plastic.

From sustainable coffee cups to stylish take-out containers, browse our catalog to view our wide range of eco-friendly disposables.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now to make the most of our limited time free shipping offer.

Sustainable snacking at the Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe food

The Fringe is a busy time for everyone in Edinburgh. Thousands of comedians, poets, performers and actors from all round the world take up their posts in the city for the best part of a month to showcase their talents and make a name for themselves. The Edinburgh Fringe is a unique event which rightly puts the city on the map. With a whole host of exceptional shows and performances taking place, it really is a month to savour.

However, it’s not only performers who have an opportunity to strut their stuff, Edinburgh’s food scene over the month is also one to relish. As our main headquarters are situated in Edinburgh, we decided to spend a day visiting some of our customers and sampling what treats they had to offer. Here are some highlights for food at The Fringe –

The Gilded Balloon



The ever-popular Gilded Balloon offers an abundance in performances and shows, and it is also home to a wide range of food and drink pop-ups. We ventured to their Teviot Library Bar to sample their lamb rogan josh. Pictured here in one of our bagasse clamshells, their gluten-free curry with a base layer of rice proved to be delicious start to our afternoon.

The Crema Caravan



A short walk around the corner to Charles Street and brought us to The Crema Caravan. Famed for its hot-to-go ‘Burnt to Order’ crème brulees. It’s also a great stop for a tea or coffee break during a busy day taking in everything Edinburgh has to offer with drinks being served in Vegware hot cups. Some classic crème brulee flavours you should try include madagascan vanilla, tonka bean and hazelnut praline or salted caramel.

The Mac Shacks


Edinburgh Fringe food

Located just off Underbelly at George Square, we visited The Mac Shacks next. Serving up classic comfort food, macaroni cheese, in a variety of different formats, this ‘shack’ really is worth a trip to. We opted for (pictured) the classic mac and cheese with crispy onions sprinkled on top. Served in one of our soup containers, The Mac Shacks really offers something different from a lot of other pop-ups at The Fringe.



After a busy day of eating and walking around Edinburgh we wanted something sweet to end our day. Frisky’s frozen yoghurt pop-up was exactly what we wanted. We went for the Festival Mess froyo sundae which features frozen yoghurt, raspberry coulis, berries and meringue. Pictured below in one of our soup containers, the Festival Mess definitely delivered the perfect end to a delicious day at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Tapas and Pincho ideas from Vegware

Tapas and Pincho

Anyone who has visited Spain will tell tales of their experience of the country’s famous tapas bars. The more towns and cities you visit in the country, the more varied you’ll find the food. Most areas will serve up their own take on the famous cuisine, depending on location you may find more seafood courses towards the coast and more meat and cheese the more central you go. The good news for Americans is that the cuisine has travelled across the Atlantic Ocean and restaurants serving up this food can now be found in abundance. Let’s have a look at some of the essentials any tapas bar should be serving up –


 Tapas and Pincho

Pictured here served in one of our Vegware bagasse bowls and hailing from the city of Valencia, paella certainly varies depending on where it is served. Traditionally key ingredients would include rice, beans, chicken and rabbit; however, the dish has evolved over time. These days you’re likely to find seafood like prawns, squid and mussels alongside some of those traditional ingredients.

Meats and cheese

 Tapas and Pincho

Presented above in our 10in rectangular bagasse plate is a common Spanish delicacy, Manchego cheese wrapped with Iberian ham. If you visit the north of Spain you will come across a lot of meat in the form of a Pincho. Highlights include, a full array of Bocadillos (sandwiches) and Morcilla de Burgos (Spanish black pudding). A dish you’re likely to see on most tapas menus and what is a big favourite amongst the Spanish is sautéed chorizo with red wine.


Tapas and pincho 

 As mentioned previously the further you go towards the coast in Spain the more likely you are to find a bigger array of seafood options. Mussels are always a favourite, whether included in a paella or served on their own (pictured in Vegware 4oz bagasse portion pot). A Galician dish which is an essential for anyone visiting Northern Spain is Pulpo Gallego which is essentially grilled octopus. Calamari (deep-fried squid) is a similar seafood dish you may be more likely to see in greater parts of Spain and in the US.


 Tapas and pincho

 Spain isn’t only a country famed for its wide variety of meat and seafood dishes, it also gains a lot of recognition for its delicious vegetarian food. A lot of Spanish restaurants and bars will often serve tasty olives (pictured) to accompany a nice glass of Rioja or Monastrell. Vegetarian tapas highlights include fried Asparagus seasoned with salt and pepper. A popular tapa dish in Seville is Espinacas con Garbanzos which is spinach and chickpeas seasoned with paprika and garlic. It sounds an odd combination but the result is delicious. Pimientos de Padron is a dish you’re likely to see on a lot of tapas menus. Padron peppers, originally from Galicia, are seasoned with salt and olive oil and vary in temperatures.

Our Vegware product range is well suited to serve up a range of different cuisines. Made from plants, not plastic, our products are designed to be composted when disposed. For more information look at our catalog.

Plastic Free July Results and Tips

In case you missed it, last week some of our staff pledged to reduce their single-use plastic use for a week as part of Plastic Free July. The idea around Plastic Free July was to increase awareness around single-use plastic consumption. Below are a couple of great examples of where some of our staff had to come up with innovative solutions to their reduce their daily single-use plastic routines.

The first plastic issue we faced in the office came up on our morning office cup of tea run. Since most teabags contain plastic, some of us gave up tea for the week, however later in the week we discovered there are some plastic-free tea bag alternatives out there. Buying shampoo was another issue due to the plastic bottle most of them come in, however with shampoo bars being readily available in most shops this proved an easy transition.

When doing our shop, many of us opted not to take non-recyclable bags when buying goods, instead taking rucksacks or bags for life. When buying food for pets, Claire from our Creative team decided not to buy the usual bagged salad for her tortoise, Professor Truffles. In doing this she discovered Professor Truffles enjoys dandelion and clover which isn’t just plastic-free, it’s also cost-effective.

Plastic Free July

In terms of daily grooming, some of us decided to ditch disposable razors and invest in stainless-steel razors with separately sold blades. Not only was this disposable but it also proved to be a cheaper alternative.

We had vegetable boxes delivered alongside our weekly boxes of fruit to the office with everyone making great use of the unpackaged fruit and veg in the office. Lunch times needed a certain creative spark as a lot of the time everything would need to be made in advance. Kate from our Environmental team made bread at home and froze individual slices to keep it fresh. As well as this she had a go at picking her own rhubarb and making jam.

On-the-whole, our staff found the week trickier than they had initially expected, however they were delighted to find out how readily available plastic-free solutions were to find. In some cases, we were finding we weren’t only reducing our single-use plastic consumption, we were also saving money.

We very much enjoyed participating in Plastic Free July and we’re happy to say some of our plastic free habits of the last week won’t be short-lived.

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We know that sustainability is important to you, that’s why Vegware makes catering disposables that don’t cost the earth.

Our bagasse plates and bowls are made from bagasse, a by-product of the sugarcane industry; they’re perfect for parties and BBQs. Pair with our cutlery and cups made from plants not plastic for a simply sustainable summer. Everything is commercially compostable with food waste where facilities exist.

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