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Ringing in the new year – with our Bella pots!

We’re excited to introduce our new Bella pots. Our sturdy pots are available in a range of sizes: 8, 10, 12 & 16oz. Stylish and versatile, they are ideal for granola and yogurt, mixed salads or cold desserts. 

These eco pots are made from clear PLA, a renewable material made from plants, that offers perfect visibility. Clear on-product messaging in green and Vegware’s Green Leaf tab make them easily identifiable as ‘compostable’ to consumers and the waste sector, helping simplify recycling and reduce contamination. 

Space-saving – they fit our clear 3oz PLA insert for a compostable food combo. Or pair with our 96-Series lids for food on the go. 

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable with food waste where accepted. 

Mix & Match with Bon Appetit

New Bon Appetit bowls for ultimate style and versatility. Now, our Bon Appetit bowls offer a unique mix and match, paper and clear PLA, range.

Our new PLA salad bowls are ideal for presenting vibrant cold salads and leafy greens in sustainable style. Made from clear plant-based PLA for perfect visibility. Available in two sizes – 24 and 32oz – the ribbed design makes it easy to grip for serving and carrying. 

The paper bowls and lids are perfect for serving warm curries or colourful burrito bowls. They are made from sustainable board with a plant-based PLA lining. They feature Vegware’s award-winning Green Leaf band design, a visual cue so customers, staff, and waste collectors and processors know this is a compostable product.  

The bowls and lids are part of our 185-Series, where each bowl has a top diameter of 185mm (7.3in), so you can mix and match the lids to suit.

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New Kraft Food Trays

Serve street food in sustainable style with our new food trays!

Perfect for serving warm savory macaroni & cheese, loaded fries and nachos, chicken wings and corn dogs, or sweet treats like doughnuts, churros, and cookies.

Available in a variety of three sizes: Size 100 / 1lb, size 300 / 3lb, and size 500 / 5lb. Made from clay-coated paperboard – they are food safe and grease resistant.

A kraft board with Vegware’s striking Green Leaf pattern to promote your eco ethos. Clear on-product messaging and visual cue for ‘compostable’. For clients who compost, it can be used on matching posters and bin signage to simplify recycling and reduce contamination.

Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable with food waste where accepted.

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What’s 79-Series? A new easy way to match cups & lids!

At Vegware we want it to be easy to find the right size lid for your cup or soup container. We’ve got a new simple system. We have updated our product names to add a Series number for the lid fit, such as 69-Series, 89-Series, or 115-Series.

For example, you spot our new ‘8oz white embossed hot cup, 79-Series’. Then browsing the hot cup extras, you can see it fits these lids:

  • 79-Series CPLA hot cup lid
  • 79-Series CPLA hot cup lid, black

You’ll see our Series numbers in our hot and cold cups, soup containers and Bon Appetit bowls. To let you into a secret, the number is the lid’s diameter in millimetres.

Here’s a handy guide to our cup and lids. Enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

Meet our newest creation, the 32oz PLA-lined paper food bowl and PLA-Lined paper lid.

Joining our Bon Appetit range, this food bowl combo proves an excellent eco option for serving up delicious curries, colorful burrito bowls and more. Great for a wide range of cold and hot food.

With a top diameter of 7.3 inches, our Bon Appetit bowl offers a panoramic view of any delicious servings.

Both the bowl and lid feature Vegware’s Green Leaf band, a design which promotes your eco ethos and commitment to sustainability.

Another Vegware innovation, our bowl and lid are made from plants, not plastic and commercially compostable where facilities exist.

Available to order now, ask us for more information or samples over at