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Home essentials

Vegware has your home essentials for hygienic food preparation and consumption within your household. Our full product range is eco-friendly and made from plant-based renewable materials.

Food prep gloves

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Compostable plant-based food prep gloves. Perfect for hygienic food prep, and after use they can go into food waste recycling.
$125.00/Case 2400
$9.48/Pack 100


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Our eco cutlery is sleek, strong, sturdy, and perfect for hot or cold food. Available in a variety of materials and colours.
$57.65/Case 1000
$5.76/Pack 50

$57.65/Case 1000
$5.76/Pack 50

$63.94/Case 1000
$6.27/Pack 50

Bagasse tableware

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Bagasse is a stylish eco alternative to Styrofoam made from reclaimed sugarcane fiber. Suitable for hot and cold food and sturdier than paper products.

6in bagasse plate

SKU: SL-P006
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$83.03/Case 1000
$17.76/Pack 125

7in bagasse plate

SKU: P011
In stock
$53.81/Case 500
$9.76/Pack 50

9in bagasse plate

SKU: P013
In stock
$73.46/Case 500
$12.90/Pack 50

10in bagasse plate

SKU: P005
In stock
$101.01/Case 500
$17.31/Pack 50

$131.65/Case 500
$22.21/Pack 50

Single wall cups

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Perfect for hot drinks or soup to go. Sustainably-sourced board, lined with renewable plant-based PLA.
$54.25/Case 1000
$5.49/Pack 50

$86.23/Case 1000
$8.05/Pack 50

$107.57/Case 1000
$9.76/Pack 50

$109.59/Case 1000
$9.92/Pack 50

$125.45/Case 1000
$11.19/Pack 50

$140.86/Case 1000
$12.42/Pack 50

Paper cold cups

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Made from sustainable board, lined on both sides with plant-based PLA. Features our award-winning Green Leaf band, so customers know they’re sipping and slurping from an eco-friendly product.
$162.51/Case 1000
$14.15/Pack 50

$184.32/Case 1000
$15.90/Pack 50

$121.71/Case 500
$10.89/Pack 25

Soup containers

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Compostable food containers, perfect for everything from hot soups and stews to ice cream sundaes. Features Vegware's award-winning Green Leaf band for easy identification of compostable products.
$94.49/Case 1000
$8.71/Pack 50

$102.55/Case 1000
$9.35/Pack 50

$110.23/Case 1000
$9.97/Pack 50

$72.12/Case 500
$6.92/Pack 25

$80.50/Case 500
$7.59/Pack 25

$110.43/Case 500
$9.98/Pack 25

Gourmet range

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Eco-range of plant-based lids and bases made from renewable, reclaimed materials. Bases are good for hot or cold food. Clear plant-based PLA lids for cold food only - provides great visibility.
$102.99/Case 600
$14.88/Pack 50

$111.67/Case 600
$16.04/Pack 50

$125.88/Case 600
$17.93/Pack 50

$148.04/Case 600
$20.89/Pack 50