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A range of compostable straws for cold drinks. Made from plant-based PLA or ecovio, and now we have our new paper straws! A variety of colors and options for cocktails, sodas, juice, smoothies, and thick milkshakes.

Bio straws

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Bioplastic straws made from ecovio or PLA - both are plant-based compostable materials. Choose from wrapped or not wrapped, and a choice of sizes and colors. These sustainable straws are ideal for drinks up to 105ºF. Cheers!

$88.24/Case 10000
$12.35/Pack 1000

$98.24/Case 0
$16.87/Pack 0

$153.81/Case 0
$25.76/Pack 0

$138.17/Case 0
$23.26/Pack 0

$150.15/Case 0
$25.17/Pack 0

Jumbo green stripe 7mm ecovio straw, wrapped, 8.25in

Out of stock - contact us for options
$143.39/Case 3000
$24.09/Pack 300