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Cold cups

Strong & light. Perfect for cold drinks, salads, snacks and more. Our 96-Series cups have a 3oz insert - perfect for snack combos. Made from PLA, a sustainable, renewable plant-based material. And now, we have new paper cold cups featuring our award-winning Green Leaf band in sizes 16, 22 & 32oz. Use our Series numbers to match your cup with the right lid.

Cup & lid guide

96-Series PLA cold cups

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This set of cups all have a 96mm rim diameter, and so the flat and dome lids fit all sizes. The 12oz and 20oz cups are ideal for half pints and full pints respectively. Match your 96-Series cups with our 96-Series cold cup lids.
$120.27/Case 1000
$10.77/Pack 50

$140.28/Case 1000
$12.37/Pack 50

$125.39/Case 1000
$14.59/Pack 50

$210.14/Case 1000
$17.96/Pack 50

$202.37/Case 1000
$17.34/Pack 50

Paper cold cups

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Introducing Vegware’s new paper cold cups! Made from sustainable board, lined on both sides with plant-based PLA. Features our award-winning Green Leaf band, so customers know they’re sipping and slurping from an eco-friendly product.

$162.51/Case 1000
$14.15/Pack 50

$184.32/Case 1000
$15.90/Pack 50

$121.71/Case 500
$10.89/Pack 25

96-Series cold cup lids and inserts

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Made from plant-based PLA. Fits our 96-Series cold cups.

$57.97/Case 1000
$5.79/Pack 50

$57.97/Case 1000
$5.79/Pack 50

$81.18/Case 1000
$3.75/Pack 20

$72.13/Case 1000
$6.92/Pack 50

$72.13/Case 1000
$6.92/Pack 50

$74.72/Case 1000
$13.11/Pack 100

105-Series cold cup lids

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Made from plant-based PLA. Fits our 105-Series cold cups.

$106.86/Case 1000
$9.70/Pack 50

Wine goblets

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Here's the first compostable wine goblet! This clever eco design comes as a top and a base, sold together. Simply snap the two together and quaff away... Also perfect for canape salads, desserts and prawn cocktails!

$104.08/Case 400

Slim PLA cold cups

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Our slim PLA cups have 76mm rim diameter to fit many water cooler cup dispensers, and the 7oz is perfect for serving wine. Also very popular for serving fruit salads, yogurts and puddings when used with our no-hole lids.

7oz PLA cold cup

SKU: R200-G
In stock
$93.87/Case 1000
$8.66/Pack 50