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Deli containers

Strong and light deli containers up to 48oz. Made from renewable, plant-based materials. Perfect eco presentation for cold deli treats, salads, and desserts. Hinged and separate lid options. Our 6 sizes of hinged lid deli containers are perfect for salad bars.

Hinged PLA deli containers

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Perfect for cold weigh & pay salads, deli treats, fruit and baking! The built-in lid has a tight seal for freshness.

$158.31/Case 300
$43.37/Pack 50

$169.14/Case 300
$46.25/Pack 50

$166.71/Case 300
$45.61/Pack 50

$202.97/Case 200
$82.34/Pack 50

$197.02/Case 200
$79.96/Pack 50

$212.18/Case 200
$86.02/Pack 50

Round deli pots

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Our round deli pots are very popular. All sizes take the same inside-fit lid - very handy for quick service! Also makes it very practical for stacking. Please note that lids are available separately.

$116.18/Case 500
$19.74/Pack 50

$132.78/Case 500
$22.39/Pack 50

$149.38/Case 500
$25.05/Pack 50

$165.98/Case 500
$27.71/Pack 50

$215.79/Case 500
$35.68/Pack 50

$87.13/Case 500
$15.09/Pack 50