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Molded fiber takeout boxes

Our compostable hinged takeout boxes are made from reclaimed sugarcane. They come in a range of sizes, and are great for hot and cold food as well as being sturdy and economic. And because molded fiber is a natural material, hot food won’t sweat inside them.

Molded fiber clamshells

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$78.53/Case 250
$54.97/Pack 125

$64.08/Case 400
$22.43/Pack 100

$59.91/Case 200
$41.94/Pack 100

$60.23/Case 200
$42.16/Pack 100

$69.94/Case 200
$48.96/Pack 100

$69.94/Case 200
$48.96/Pack 100

$56.32/Case 250
$39.42/Pack 125