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Vegware nourish molded fiber

Meet the Vegware Nourish range - the next generation of molded fiber with no fluorine added. Responding to changes in compostability certification standards, Vegware have developed an updated range to meet the latest US and EU requirements. This range of natural molded fiber is certified for home as well as industrial composting.

Natural tableware

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Sturdier than foam or paper, our plates, platters and bowls are great for serving cold or hot foods up to 115°F. Its natural oatmeal color complements your menu offering.
$196.19/Case 500
$32.54/Pack 50

$76.95/Case 500
$13.46/Pack 50

$105.03/Case 500
$17.95/Pack 50

Natural takeout boxes

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Meet Vegware Nourish molded fiber boxes - in a warm natural oatmeal color. These robust clamshells are a practical solution for hot food to go, up to 115°F.
$158.20/Case 500
$26.46/Pack 50

$66.54/Case 200
$27.77/Pack 50

$106.76/Case 200
$43.85/Pack 50

$148.84/Case 500
$24.96/Pack 50

$117.83/Case 200
$48.28/Pack 50

Natural Gourmet range

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Vegware’s unique Gourmet range of bases and clear lids, now available with Vegware Nourish molded fiber in a warm natural color. With no fluorine added, the bases are good for cold or hot food up to 115°F. The clear PLA lids are for cold food only, and provide great visibility. Choose from two depths of base for a versatile menu solution.
$159.64/Case 600
$22.44/Pack 50

$179.97/Case 600
$25.15/Pack 50